We love birthdays!

Are you looking for a new, fun place to host your next birthday party in Sherman Oaks?  Don’t want to make people drive over the hill? Don’t want to clean your house or clean up after your friends leave?  Let The Oaks take care of all your birthday party needs! 

Ditch the stuffy clubs and stay local. The Oaks has the right mixture of elements to help your birthday party go off without a hitch. Complete with a full bar, comfy booths, karaoke, shuffleboard, pool, and an extremely fun and lively atmosphere, The Oaks is a great spot to throw your birthday party.  Whether it’s a small gathering of people or a party of 50, we will work to accommodate you. Plus we clean up your mess after you leave!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


How do I reserve a table?

To reserve seating for your next birthday party TEXT 818-371-3477 to reach the manager Camila, she will take care of you! We get a lot of reservations, so make sure you shoot her a text as soon as you figure out the date, time and how many people are in your party. She will also be happy to answer any of your questions.

 How does the karaoke list work?

The earlier you arrive, the more songs you get to sing! You sign up for as many songs as you want, but the host rotates through singers and new singers get in at the bottom of the rotation.  If you get here late, the karaoke host does accept tips, but a tip is not a guarantee of a skip, it does make the host happy.  Happy hosts, tend to favor the people who tip them…

 Do I get free drinks?

Of course you do, if your friends buy them for you! If you’re feeling frisky, ask the bartender to spin the shot wheel… there may just be a birthday surprise waiting for you.

 Is there food?

Can I bring my own food? We don’t have a kitchen, all we have is free popcorn and nuts and jerky for you to buy, but you can bring in whatever food you want to share- appetizers, cake, candy… just don’t forget the plates and silverware. Sometimes we have food trucks, so ask if there is one scheduled for the night of your party. Otherwise, pizza is a great way to feed your group and they deliver to us all the time.

Can I decorate?

You can decorate your reserved area.  Just remember that we hate to clean up confetti, so don’t bring it, unless you bring a broom too.

 Where do I park?

Our lot is east and directly adjacent to the building- there are limited spots so Uber or Lyft!  Let’s face it, you’re going to drink on your birthday and everyone else wants to drink with you, so encourage people not to drive when you invite them.