March 3, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Oaks Tavern
13625 Moorpark St
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Team Trivia with King Trivia Every Wednesday at 8pm @ The Oaks Tavern | Los Angeles | California | United States

Join us every Wednesday for Team Trivia with King Trivia!

Every week teams of 2-5 people compete to prove they are the smartest, or at least they have to most random information in their memory banks.  Not only do you get bragging rights, but first place gets a $30 gift certificate, second place gets a $20 gift certificate, and if we have 5 or more teams we also give out third place and worst place prizes!  Even if you aren’t so good at the trivia stuff (I suck at Trivia Crack), it’s fun to join in! Bring your friends who are smarter than you because you’re allowed to have up to 5 people on your trivia team-that’s why team trivia is better than solo trivia.  We don’t give points for creative answers, but sometimes you’ll get free glassware and swag just for being the funniest.  Our host is Andrew Sandoval. He loves to hear his voice over the mic and you won’t mind him too much either.

Team Trivia starts at 8pm, so grab some takeout food on your way home from work and get here before 7pm to take advantage of our happy hour specials. We allow any food to be brought in, just no drinks, so skip the combo in that In & Out drive through.  If you can’t make it by 7pm we still have daily drink specials to take advantage of, plus our normal prices are great to begin with.  It is a one drink per person minimum to participate in our team trivia- if you’re sober, that’s okay, we have soda, juice and delicious cold-pressed coffee from Modern Times Brewery!

When team trivia is over around 10pm, we have Rock and Roll Karaoke with Atara.  You don’t have to sing rock, but she will.